FM Ghost [the book]

Dear friends and readers, I am beyond thrilled to announce the publication of my first book of poetry, FM Ghost. The paperback is available now via ALL CAPS PUBLISHING. Order your copy here.

Most of you are by now familiar with the tone and style of my writing, but here is a preview of the book: “FM Ghost is a poetic journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. With a heavy theme of mortality, this debut collection by Denver poet Steve Shultz is both introspective and observational. The book’s three sections – Within, Without, and Within (revisited) – explore themes of darkness and light, love and fear, hope and despair, grief and joy, life and death. FM Ghost is about striking a balance in a world of opposites.”

FM Ghost

I’d like to give a huge thank you to Marian at ALL CAPS for having me aboard. Here’s what she has to say about FM Ghost: “ALL CAPS is beyond pleased to announce the publication of FM Ghost, a substantial (despite its title, heh) poetry collection from rock-star poet and journalist Steve Shultz. please join us in congratulating Steve by clicking and picking up your copy. if it helps, reading Steve’s poems totally ups your coolness factor. check it out!” You can read more from Marian at Runaway Sentence.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “FM Ghost [the book]

  1. yay! congratulations again, Steve. it’s a great collection!
    i especially like how the book cover in this post makes your whole blog look like a giant spectral book-ghost thingy. yay!

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