I wonder
what that
little goth boy
would think of me now

black corduroys
nails painted black

a teenaged me
sucking cigarettes

what would he think
of an aging Trent Reznor?
Arcade Fire?
new Skinny Puppy?

meh, who cares

I’m over 30 now
and already thinking
goddamn kids these days
have no good taste


4 thoughts on “Fishnets

  1. Heh! I’m I’m my mid-30’s, and while I wasn’t a Goth, I did try to spur my own weird artistic style. Had a butter knife strapped to a white rose hanging round my neck. While a little part of me is embarassed, another part goes, “when the hell did I get so lame?”

    Was more into the soft alternative (Counting Crows, Lisa Loeb) than you, though, it seems. 🙂

  2. thats how you know you are getting old, for sure.
    new MAINSTREAM music is crap, but you like new stuff…
    you have a while until you are a fuddy duddy…

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