Trash Walk

I made a list of garbage I saw
littering my morning walk

1 McDonald’s coffee cup, speared on window bar
1 empty green beer bottle (not Heineken)
1 ripped out page from “A Thief Of Time”
1 used floss pick
1 wire hanger
1 piece chewed up gum
1 plastic coffee cup lid
assorted candy wrappers, foil & cellophane
1 plastic knife
1 empty pack Pyramid cigarettes
2 crumpled bus transfers
1 disposable razor
1 ticket stub, baseball, Colorado Rockies
countless cigarette butts

They say you can learn a lot about a man
by going through his trash.
I am truly surprised I did not find
more empty booze bottles.


NaPoWriMo Day 8. April is National Poetry Writing Month. The goal is to write a poem a day for the month of April. Linked up for dVerse Poets Pub’s Open Link Night. Read my previous NaPoWriMo entries here.


14 thoughts on “Trash Walk

  1. ha. i might be as well. did a investigations class in college and we had a week to learn everything we could about a classmate…yep…i went through his garbage…it was interesting….a r ammons has a whole book of poetry on garbage…

  2. Hmm… I guess you could try this with a “to do” list. Or, a shopping list. How about what’s in your wallet. Or, I could have a field day with my wife’s purse. I like the concept, I think it’s worth play around with some more. “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens….” – My Favorite Things.

  3. Love this. I once walked around my block (which is four miles) and found over 50 small bottles of the same kind of whiskey. It was kind of creepy. I like your list better 🙂

  4. I like a guy who talks dirty; trash talk is way cool . . . but I am often accused of “talking rubbish” and I say 😛

    like the idea here Steve, makes me think of Chuck B somehow . . . must be the missing bottles 😉

  5. And you can tell a lot about yourself by watching what you do when you see a wrong doing.

    Litter makes me sad, it is disrespecting our mother. I notice what has been left behind and when I can, I put it in its rightful place.

    You see the world. I like that.

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