Visually Stimulated

Visually stimulated by what we fear
Is inside, yet we claim we will never act
On said impulses, could never bring ourselves to
Let our children become monsters, could not
Even fathom what goes on in the
Numb-to-reality mind of a
Child killer; of all innocence
Evil always at odds with


2 thoughts on “Visually Stimulated

  1. This acrostic poem is a rare look at the other side. I find that people far too often prefer to deem things “unthinkable” and others “monsters” for doing things that are both well known and psychologically understandable. I’m not saying I defend things like murdering children, but well, you summed it up nicely with “numb-to-reality mind.” In many cases, those people are suffering themselves and others had the chance to help them first, yet did not.

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