Fear-Based Scenario

Mere days after Sandy Hook
and the slaughter
of 20 young angels
and 6 overseers

I’m riding on a city bus
and I can’t help but think:
What if there’s a gun-wielding
homicidal maniac aboard
getting ready to unload?

Is this my own mental blight?
The media’s?

What would I do
if someone suddenly stood up
on the moving bus
and started firing off shots?

Would I freeze up?
Would I duck for cover?
Would I stand up myself
and tackle attacker to the ground?
Would I become a human shield
for a woman or child seated nearby?

So many questions in this gun-show scenario
So many fears in this trigger-happy society

A bloodstained boomerang
History repeats
There is no “normal” to go back to
No, we cannot get along

Nodding off, wake up
Here’s my stop
Back door, please


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