hand upon handle

Into the Light by mobius faith

think you found an exit
but outside
is not much brighter

trade bricks & mortal
for splintered sand

ripped plastic
for cracked glass

travel through a door
there is just a second to burn
hand upon handle

perhaps I’ll stay indoors
and weather storm

these four walls
much more confining

(don’t feel like thinking

not much to choose
but which
portrait to fix eyes upon

crush this key
inhale choice
and cast away the ring

*Posted for dVerse Poets Pub’s #poetics prompt, inspired by the photography by Terry S. Amstutz. Check out Terry’s work here.


15 thoughts on “hand upon handle

  1. inhale choice….smiles…i like that….only a second to burn jumps out as well…from the opening hope to escape tot he end crushing the key it feels like acceptance of being trapped a bit…now pic a portrait and see who blinks first…smiles.

  2. This threshold is imbued with great significance through your broken narrative (a stylistic choice that works very well) taking the reader further into the recesses of their own mind. I found myself questioning which portals I view, when I stay confined, and when I am disappointed by the lack of light on the other side. Impactful and thought provoking.

  3. this runs deep…the choices we make..staying or leaving…walking through the doors into the open space even if it doesn’t look that promising or stay where we are..thought provoking..

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