Silence (I AM)

Here I am begging for silence but
what would I do with it if I found it?
It’s not like I could capture it like a
single icecube inside this sweating cocktail glass.
Not like eye (I), mesmerized, by bright colors
techni-cally tractor-beaming TV
essence into boxed-in screen. It’s not like
silence will buy me any real traction
in this loudness war of I AM.

I AM shouting, I AM crying, I AM laughing, I AM
doubting, I AM flying, I AM falling,
I AM burning, I AM dying.
I AM = more important than you are.

I AM surveyor of all I see. I AM
tall, I AM fit, I AM sexy, I AM
smart, I AM right.
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh—what’s that silent sound?
Seeping through poorly caulked cracks.
Confidence cra-ck-ing.

i am inadequate. i am small. i am poor.
i am fat. i am sick. i am stupid.
i am shuttered. i am cluttered.
i am pondered. i am bothered.
i am wandering aimlessly. i am lost.
yes, well—OK. admission is the hardest part.

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub’s Postmodern (Prose) poetry prompt, hosted by Anna Montgomery.


4 thoughts on “Silence (I AM)

  1. ha i like the rather matter of fact closing line…the line between confidence and collapse is thin, i guess it is all in which voice you listen to inside eh? sometimes silence helps but then the voices get louder…

  2. You use capitalization, repetition, and line length really effectively here. After all the wind up and slink down I burst out laughing at OK. The flow aided your buildup wonderfully. I loved the play in from ‘Not like eye (I)’ to ‘I AM’, it was ingenious and on target. I think this form lends itself to questions (many people asked them in their prose sections tonight). Unique and insightful, a fantastic read.

  3. Putting silence into a still form and sipping it, perhaps this is a step at attaining that balance. Anyhow, I like silence as an ice cube, it will take a solid and liquid form.

  4. Finding silence in our own minds is one of the hardest things in life… you did such a great job of illustrating that here. Lots of interesting layers to this, the inner dialogue and the social commentary.

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