from same rain drop
tear drop

from same sunshine
sunburned forest flesh

and who says god has no sense
of humor
I think it must be such a bore
to create
things you cannot destroy

sage to cleanse
breathe to feel
baby in back room
handle is hot

knocked out skateboard rash
breeze giving new life
to tired old sails

grow me
karma-free food
quake in anger
when we don’t get our way

throne thunders
temperamental tornado
waiting to uproot
fences built
with human hands

and who says I have no sense
of humor
I think it must be such a bore
to destroy
things I cannot create

and by the way, thank you for the rain


© Copyright Steve Shultz. All rights reserved.

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub’s “Weather” prompt.


5 thoughts on “Temperamental

  1. Awesome Steve – I love how you manage to hammer home a point using such an economy of words….but still make it flow….this positively bounced!… I often think about extreme weather and creation…or the creator (if there is one)- I mean- unless it was an accident….then tornado’s, forest fires, floods- they’re all his idea! He mst be laughing his socks off….also….really interesting the contrasts in this piece- and irony….for example- the amazing sunshine we all crave- that then starts forest fire….great poem…. You are ON POINT my friend!

  2. dang…i really like that stanza on god having a sense of humor and unable to destroy what one creates….we have the smoking heat…and the power outages all week….its nasty out there…the sun we crave has been killing us this week…too much of a good thing you know…

  3. you create such lovely structures with your words, visually, their meanings, their sounds… then, on top of that you have a clear point/counterpoint that flows through the entire piece…


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