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Like Things Rhyme

She don’t like rhyming poetry
but like things rhyme
like despair
and life’s not fair
sunshine and feelin’ fine
malaise and heartache
well sort of, that last line
life isn’t always
perfect rhymes
she’d rather write
about end times
in monosyllabic prose.


Think me up a thought balloon
to float me to horizon
pastures of a pattern
feeding green to feeling

slit my speaking tongue
in a magic trick awry
stuttered over simple sounds
of mother’s lullaby

re-imagined nightmares
of dreams too sucrose sweet
even we vegetarians
have some beef to beat

lipstick smacks in smudged slap
smearing kisses blown in wind
humping creases out the flag
on perfectly still mourning

night light’s burnt out
I wanna be that light
you pray to
look to in the dark

I wanna be that burning
ball of brilliant time
solstice, solace
on a funeral afternoon

meet me in the afterglow
savor me, the aftertaste
gifts to wrap before long
a kid before the pearly gates

all grown up and clamoring to climb
falling flights of stares