Intent to Document

Gawking passersby
jumping banisters
to conclusions

front-row seat
to shattered-glass show
placing under-breath bets

as to how crumpled steel box
went airborne
landed on passenger’s side
trapping one inside

intent to document

but camera’s hand froze
when they pulled driver free
limp & lifeless

show’s over folks
nothing to see here
go back to your regularly
scheduled programming

will have to check the lunchtime news
reports to see if we made it


2 thoughts on “Intent to Document

  1. Great use of the shutter-like phrasing early on, very neat considering the theme, gotta love that, different situation but I wanted to snap a pic of this cardinal, which I never see around me, so I was creeping in very slowly trying to get the best shot when this ordinary robin popped in, scared the cardinal off, I tried reacting quickly but got nothing but tree- I think I actually quoted officer barbrady, nothing to see here people, carry on. Excellent write Steve.

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