Bone of Contention

You say you’re happy in your misery
gleefully knocking back drinks
and palmed pills like breath mints
disregarding car crash mentality
living day-to-day like fatal tomorrows

you say you’re laughing on the inside
black as tumor’s last dying breath
what’s so funny about cease and desist
resisting humor in human suffering
off-color comments bring color to pale cheeks

you say you’re miserable like a smile
won’t wake you up from televised coma
flowers make you sneeze big brains out
coughing carcinogenic thoughts while
scholarly go-getters think they’re catching on

I say we’re all too lazy to take up knapsack
and meditate under pine trees like Kerouac
soft straw is splinters in our paws
because basically our instincts are animal
and we’d rather put each other’s heads in mouths

I say happiness is ignorance is bliss is hell
is heaven — find me in the middle, silent
but full of thoughts — mind going a million
miles an hour in a liquor store just staring
at too many choices to simply get fucked up

I say you’re just like me and I am you
yet we can never seem to agree on any thing
especially the fact that our teeth and nails
in throat are made of the same bone
at least we can see what small things we aim to be

can we all just relieve ourselves of pre-judgment
color and religion and sexual identification
pontification, gold chains and diamond studded teeth
toys with batteries and radiated protein
can’t we all just chew our own fat and digress

can’t we all relax ourselves into
one big pharmaceutical sleeping bag
camp out under a shared mind of stars
find out our fears and insecurities
and bathe in them with pinch of salt

can we all just for once say one goddamn
thing in unison, in person, face-to-face to face
give our old books to new friends we meet
give second sandwiches to street believers
and open up our switchblade hearts to peaceful thoughts


2 thoughts on “Bone of Contention

  1. Your poetry is amazing…”can’t we all just chew on our own fat and digress” For some reason I find it thoughtful rather than angry, and I hope that was your intention. It’s just so matter of fact truthful.

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