Jelly Doughnut

Close the file on me
glue the binding
wrap a cord
around my
neck intentions
cannot hide
my elation
at your
write a book
about losing
captured subjects
no one gives a fuck
a jelly doughnut
don’t fly
so clip your nails
like very best
and save them in
a Bell jar
make jelly/jam from
my mistakes
and butter
burnt toast
scrape off my misfortunes
in kitchen sink
full of dirtied dishes
no one wants to wash
but they all sure do like to eat
lift the lid off me
I have things that need
you may not like what’s
stuck to my ribs
but it sure tastes good
on the fire pit
straight off the grill
skewer me with
rusted barbs
but say hello
before you burn
your mouth.


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