The year I graduated high school
The year I started college, reluctantly
Thought I was so cool

And what is forefront in my mind
is psilocybin

Mind bent
on magic mushrooms

I’d tried it before
and acid too
because, after all
is the gateway drug

So what’s the big deal?
The big deal is
me and half a dozen friends
ingested a large quantity
of caps & stems
crystalline blue

and we gobbled them down
about a quarter each

The baddest trip
I’d ever flip
sprouted from cow shit

And I knew I couldn’t drive
But I wanted to be home
And nothing else mattered

Gave my keys
to my best friend
Said we need to go
I’m tired
You’re tired?!

Another friend passed out
Hit his head on a
pinball machine
I’d wished I’d done the same

We hit the highway
Bright lights
were halos
from fallen angels

Convinced I would die
right here on I-25
Just blood stains
and crushed metal remains

But it was not my time

We got off
not two exits later
Pulled over into
an empty lot
My hooded sweatshirt
on backwards
merging with my skin
like a Spider-Man villain

Fumbling for my cigarettes

We’re dying!
Oh shit!
We’re dying!
This is what it’s like!

So we got out of the van
marched into a 7-Eleven
That poor store clerk

Call an ambulance!
We’re dying!
Eyes were silver dollars

I gave the paramedic
the last of my weed
Said I won’t be needing this

Couldn’t remember my address
or for fuck’s sake my phone number

And in the hospital
all I got
was a lousy valium
and a phone call to a parent

The doctor was a smug bastard
Said, no, you’re not going to die
like someone had lied to us
from the very start

That was an
interesting ride home
But at least I
was coming

And boy was my dad pissed
At least I’d lived to die another day

Written for dVerse “1999” poetry prompt.


10 thoughts on “Psilocybin

  1. damn. whata ride man…1993 i hit pretty much the same ride…it was lsd though…what a horrible trip…i called my parents at one point because i was left alone and wigging out…it was shortly there after i went into the hospital cause i had wore myself out…and crashed…and that was the turning point for me…

  2. So much good stuff here; these are my favorites:

    “Mind bent on magic mushrooms”

    “But I wanted to be home And nothing else mattered” … Wow. It all starts with this thought, doesn’t it?

    “My hooded sweatshirt on backwards merging with my skin”

    “That was an interesting ride home But at least I was coming down”

    Perfect closing line. I really enjoyed this “trip” back.

  3. That was a good trip. The poem. Not the bad trip.

    I’m a drugtard; is lsd = shrooms, or different? Nevermind; I’ll google it. . .

    Anyway, great description of the fear of dying from something self-ingested. I’ve felt it from booze before.

  4. Sorry..this may not have been your intention but I thought your poem was absolutely hilarious..especially the part with the store clerk and the silver dollar eyes. I can see this as a movie sort of like ‘Blazing Saddles’ The only poem that has made me laugh today. Thanks.

  5. Stephen, I am running out of ways to tell you I adore your words…
    I love how you stepped OUTSIDE your poet voice here and told us
    something so essential…

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