Bohemian Chili Stands

fell adrift watching sideways clock
eyes know more than hands do
fell succinct while waiting on man
grasping for ball peen wisdom

ignoring subtleties
and most mismatched winter errands
choosing to unglue shoddy binding
haphazard lifeless job they did

wide awake
smoking sleepy time tea
anxiety stole my best ideas
came in here with a wrecking ball
and diminished my shortcomings
and long-term ideas
but John Lennon always said that would happen
or maybe it was the Boss
I don’t really remember

it’s blue collar clip-on tie day
it’s my belly is too big for my coffee stained starched white shirt day
it’s find one goddamn pair of matching socks without a hole day
it’s marry your regrets day
it’s got a lot of gold to find day
it’s polishing turds day
it’s snap crackle anathema day
it’s I wish this cheap-ass checkerboard weren’t so warped day
it’s my pieces keep falling off the edge and
can’t stand straight day
it’s a lonely hyacinth growing through a crack
in the sidewalk in frozen February day

dreams are weird WTF do they mean
sleeping in cheap hotels pretending to be
people we are not
high on pot
and who is this narc keeps following me

wake up, shit, shower but I refuse
to shave
I’m trying to grow a decent beard here
what do you think
perhaps I should shave off my eyebrows like that Floyd fellow
or maybe a nipple for good measure
have a swim in the pool
cool off electric flag
bohemian chili stands on side of dirt roads

where is my best friend
we did not hand-in-hand pass through
the pearly gates of careerism
of successes
we chose different paths

and where is the champagne
and where are the flashbulbs
and where are the fast cars
names of which I can’t begin to pronounce
I have the pronouns and that is what really matters

and the birds are all sleeping while
the worms are still frozen
see you in another dimestore curiosity
pawned my self-doubt and hatred for a Stratocaster

14 thoughts on “Bohemian Chili Stands

  1. Well…what is bohemian chili and dime store curiosity? Lots of thoughts here like a winter dreary nothing day, right. Like I said before, very good always on the edge of not knowing everything.

  2. Oh how I wish I could pawn my self-doubt… wouldn’t fetch much though, too many sold theirs before me. Brilliant as always.

  3. Excellent write Steve. The conversation and the questions posed really work great and yeah, made me think quite a bit, as to how those questions work for me personally- that, for me, is a great sign of the right questions being posed in a poem, or any other piece of writing, where the questions are universally understood and meaningful, where they can be removed from the context at hand and applied to one’s self and situation. Great job. Thanks

  4. ok…i brought some champagne with me… fast car though…smiles
    cheers to a wonderful poem..and i just loved the….
    lonely hyacinth growing through a crack
    in the sidewalk in frozen February day….

  5. Ok- I totally related to this and I’ll tell you why (please note– I may have got this completely wrong 🙂 I got an image of a guy sat at work (you?) just watching the clock and trying to think of words (of comfort maybe) but getting distracted by the ridiculousness that generally ensues in the 9-5. I LOVED the passage about the ‘theme’ days- I work in an environment like this- in fact- I’ve managed to end up being kind of responsible for it- and having to have ‘fun’ – you know – like everyone sat around looking miserable whilst it’s ‘hawaii shirt day’. I’m not sure what the escape is- but THERE has to be- and words- well words are good enough for now- at least we can create are own worlds and at least appreciatte the world in a different way. Dude- sorry for rambling- but I think this is great

  6. I know those kind of days (not having one presently) where dreams drip from the covers into morning coffee and reality slips into a roadside stand selling chili and sometimes dogs to go with. Great capture of that feeling of “what does all this mean anyway?” we have all too often. Well done!

  7. it’s marry your regrets day
    it’s got a lot of gold to find day
    it’s polishing turds day

    I was a practicing lawyer for a long time–I had many of these days–your poem brings back so much of that for me–

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