Sharper Image

I’m short-changing
my interests
charging interest
on my own good times

dying life
on borrowed dimes

saving up but
my soul’s gone bankrupt
liberty’s on toxic loan
barter me a smarter “free”

of we can do better
a slogan to get behind

I’ve got a room
with a view
but it’s a
yellowed photograph

tell me this picture’s
because I’m
not seeing straight

still…I’m smart enough to know

I’m not about to have
a PR department
neuter my image

I’m not about to
murder one idiot
when I’m after the village.

Saving up, but soul’s gone bankrupt.


2 thoughts on “Sharper Image

  1. Holy crap you just amaze me more and more with each piece. Where have you been hiding this blog?! Can’t believe it took me this long to find my way over 🙂

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