I drove by my younger self on the way home last night

I wanted to tell him to look out for that stop sign
that thing in the road
I tried to tell him to look out for me
but he went on running red lights
driving under influence

maybe we will meet between sideways glances

maybe we will meet amidst asides

maybe we will join and sideswipe

maybe as two we will become someone we could not with one

maybe these lines do not intersect

Urinal Poem

They say you can read fortunes in tea leaves
well right now I’m staring at a urinal cake
wondering just what to make
of this night, this point in time
I’m chewing popcorn kernels
stuck in my teeth
comfort food between drinks
I don’t see anything
maybe my aim is off
or maybe I am right on target

Spring in Step

Staring at the cracks
on the bricks
of facade
I’ve passed
by this block
a thousand
times before
I stop
tie my shoe
let my feet
catch up to my heart
and see
I’ve never seen
a glimpse
of what I am
what I’m missing
what I never go without

all is contained between blocks of clay
a pattern so obvious on display

perfect timing all along
slowing down just to see it


Crack me open, let me out
blind brilliant matter
inside decaying eggshell

death is
death is not
death is not over

say we’ve lost our innocence
but we are still so afraid of the dark

ray of sunlight refracting
off a shattered spider web
this flaking shedding structure
cannot contain my shine

death is not over
death is not
death is

crack me open, just let me out