sticky ideas

to write some words
abrasive, adhesive
sticky ideas
cohesive when
mind applied
hallucinating introspection
brick pathway
a pattern slipping
thr ough t he cr acks

did i merge into you?
or did you merge into me

questioning the center of our being

to clear notion
of swallowing whole
logic, reason

inside this gated
community climbing trees
finding value ingrained

i’ve changed my heart’s rhythm
to match her primal dance
hitting all her green lights
in stride

it is not advised climbing off ride
before complete rotation

Left-behind Takeout

the food trucks are parked,
lined up in a square
around once-vibrant flower gardens
at Civic Center park.

eat Local, buy Local,
whatever you are in the mood for:
expensive street tacos,
ethnic food,
New Orleans cuisine,
fancy pizza,
fatty burgers.

it’s great for our economy,
nice if you can afford to eat this way.

a few hundred feet away
homeless sit on benches,
lean against pillars
of the Greek amphitheater
with their few possessions:
a box of Ritz crackers
& an empty Gatorade bottle,
bulging plastic bags
like some suit-and-tie’s left-behind takeout.

they sleep in the shade,
smelling the smells
wafting from the food trucks.
watching the worker bees
punch ATM buttons —
signs posted say Cash Only.

Stick Figure

Graphite guardian
forging stick figure fantasies
ever jealous
of gold’s pursuits

Line draw me outta here
make me crisp and clear

by number
molded and mottled
living within means
I am missing peace
so incomplete

My feet are falling asleep
at thy bidding
fluffing a pillow
to smother my ambitions
before they wake