consumer, all-consuming

When did self
become so sensitive
touchy with toxins
scanning canned food labels
as if ingredients
made a shred of difference
counting out carbs
& measuring malaise

consumer, all-consuming

I never bothered
to inspect
those first few sheets
of acid
before someone
put them on my tongue
at age 16

or cared
that mushrooms grow
in cow shit
I just ate them
with a piece of Grandma’s
carrot cake
on someone’s birthday

and I never worried
about what shade
of black my lungs turned
after cigarette
after pack after pack

so when did this consciousness line
become so defined
and when did I decide to cross it

consumer, all-consuming
a compass center
swallowing all directions

Collaboration #5 / 2014

Steve Shultz:

I joined a few others in adding a verse to one of Diana’s stunning photos. I definitely recommend checking out more of her work.

Originally posted on Life Through Blue Eyes:


I found
a seraphim’s
silver thumbnail
on the railroad track
reflecting ghost of past

I was only looking for my lucky penny

©2014 Steve Schultz
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The Watchmaker God
left a seed
with a new universe

©2014 Alethea Eason
The Heron’s Path


 Infinitely small but existing.
I am here! I am here!
Cries my reflection.

©2014 Edwynna Roach
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 A shiv-ling
reflection of our lives
reminds us of what we are
and the purpose of life

©2014 Aditya Sachan
Views on Everything
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 a reflection
of me
that I set

©2014 June O’Reilly
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all that’s left here
is a mere hint
of us

splintering images
in glinting silver

buried deep

with the ghosts
we engraved
on brushed metal
and a bed of oak

our allegiance
creeps up

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Can you see me?
through the screen
through the code
through the html

can you touch me?
can we reach out
and touch some one
through static trees

yes and no
can you know
my blood, what’s
inside my bones

you can’t push
finger through web
and poke me
in my rib cage

you can’t know
the grade
of my pain
my headache

you can’t know
my number
my size &
social status

who can know?
the point at
which we break
how far we go

they must know
our lung size
& clothing style

can you hear me?
between your breaths
and sighs
and bursts of brilliance

you can’t be me
comparing dicks
and scars
and tears and such

we are we
and you are you
and he is she
and I am only me

and I am proud
and I am sad
and I am whole
and I am incomplete

and through and through
I am fucking me

and you
you are beautiful


So sick of the drain
not quite pain
a bruise and a poke
a nagging finger on pulse
internal itch to scratch
slow burn, death is not fast
no blood to be lost
a choir quietly chanting
swallowing bitter pills
between meals
vomitus aftertaste


spilled discourse

up thoughts
with a cosmic sock

Licking front teeth
looking for
raw thought

Searching for
and median to pull off on

Where where you
when I was backpedaling
softly on training wheels?

Moving forward
while I was
sinking into past

I cut my teeth
on bread so unclean

Pissing away life
to trade in for
interstellar dreams

Sifting for a thread
come apart at seams

Pure force

Where were you
my star
after I was the prequel?

at nothing
to mete out my breaths