I am made of earth
I sift through eternity
artists express themselves through me
children play in me,
and, with me, grownups nourish families

I am made of wood
I stand still for eternity
majestic birds, they flock to me
lovers kiss beneath my limbs
and carve their initials into me

I am made of stone
I stand still for eternity
fortresses are made of me
people throw and break the bones
of enemies with pieces of me

I am made of metal
I stand still for eternity
craftsmen forge weapons of me
and armor to keep their vitals safe
statues, tributes are made of me

I am made of flesh
I stand still for blink of eye
other flesh attracts to me
I find ways to break self down,
I am destined to ash or ground


Grinding my teeth
my comfort zone

moving my body
my mind goes faster

attracted to
the attractor magnet

put me on
put me on continuous
with your acid beats

those beats put me in a trance
they make me dance
I rarely dance

your ghost whispers in my ear
but I heed no caution

losing myself in a sea of other bodies

do not tell me the appropriate dose
I want to find out for myself

think of how different
this experience would be
without me

the sprinklers are on in the cemetery